Affiliate Marketing

You need affiliates to promote your site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You only pay them when they get you a sale or a lead. Should work like a charm right?...right?? Well...

Many companies on the Internet have learned that a crucial part of any Internet marketing campaign is the affiliate marketing piece. Here is how affiliate marketing works. You have a product that you feel can be sold on the Internet. You find other website/blog owners who are willing to place a script on their websites that will allow their visitors to be tracked and when their visitors buy something from you, you pay your affiliate a commission. Simple process and in SOME cases, works like a charm.

I say in some cases because many companies have no trouble finding an army of people to place affiliate links on their sites. The problem is getting affiliates that actually have some sort of traffic on their sites to become an affiliate. A great majority of people out there that have sites and blogs, have almost no visitors. In essence, you would be spinning your wheels if you ended up with affiliates that have no traffic on their sites. Many companies play the numbers game. If I get 1000 affiliates, about 20% of them should get me a lead a day. Hey, 200 leads a day, 6000 leads a month, 72,000 leads per year! Wow! Sorry to burst your bubble friend, but that is just not quite how things work. It's more like 1% of the affiliates will have any significant traffic to their sites, and that traffic should have something to do with your product for this concept to work. If you find an affiliate that has a Britney Spears fan site with loads of Britney Spears pictures and you sell car parts, chances are the visitors of Britney Spears' fan site are not going to be interested in your ad.

So, how do you get the right affiliate, or as some call them "super affiliates" to join your program? Ah, that is the right question and the answer has many parts to it. I go into great detail in my online course on how to set-up an affiliate program, what kinds of programs tend to work and how to recruit not just affiliates but "Super Affiliates."

If your firm is looking for a more specialized course, I am also available for my affiliate consulting services as well. However, I can only take on 1 project per month and my fees are charged at $7,000 per day. For smaller sized companies, it would not behoove them to pay me those sorts of fees, as my fees are probably outside of the budget. It would be far more beneficial to them to take my online Internet marketing class as I discuss the affiliate marketing piece in great detail.

My firm is also available in becoming your "Super Affiliate." Where you pay us a commission for each sale we secure for you. However, we can only take on a very limited number of clients each year. If you are interested in hiring us, please let us know what set-up fee you are willing to provide and what your normal affiliate commission rate is and what you are prepared to provide to us as our "super affiliate" commission. To be fair and and to give you an idea, the minimum set-up fee for any project I get involved in is $5000 and I usually look for double the normal commission rate.


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