Lesson 2

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has grown exponentially over the years. Imagine having an army of affiliates selling your good and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! What's more, they are working for you and want to be paid only when they get you an actual sale. Who can ask for more.

This lesson will cover affiliate marketing from the perspective of both the advertiser and publisher.

Advertisers will learn everything from affiliate program implementation to affiliate recruitment and promotion. This lesson includes extensive information on landing super affiliates.

Publishers will learn which programs pay the best and how to drive loads of traffic to their websites.

Please find the lesson outline below:

  • Creating Affiliate Programs
    • How to get started
      • Your own in-house program
      • Affiliate software
      • Established affiliate networks
    • What type of programs seem to get the most sales
      • Banner, coupon, and data feed affiliates
      • Banner sizes, coupon deals, data feed methodologies
  • Tracking & Commissions
    • Advanced methods of tracking & tracking duration
    • Commission structures that attract better affiliates
  • Affiliate Recruitment
    • Where to recruit affiliates
    • How to recruit super affiliates
    • Affiliate Motivation
    • Affiliate Management


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