Lesson 4

Blog & Forum Marketing

Blog marketing and forum marketing are excellent tools to drive loads of traffic to your site and create buzz that can last for years. This lesson will show you how to identify the right forums and how to promote your site on them without violating any forum rules. In addition, this lesson will show you how to recruit others who will do all the posting and blogging for you.

Please find the lesson outline below:

  • Creating & Promoting Your Blogs
    • Choosing the right blogging platforms
    • Topics for your blog
      • Writing content in - house
      • Outsourcing content needs of your blog
    • Linking methodologies for SEO
    • Promoting your blog
  • Identifying Relevant Forums
    • Creating profiles & Signatures
    • Outsourcing your posting needs
      • Finding the right topic posters
      • Writing topics for best results
    • Driving Traffic to Your Sites or Online Stores


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