Lesson 7

Permission Based Email Marketing

Email marketing works. In some instances if the list is a carefully targeted list and the product is well priced, email marketers have achieved as high as 11% conversion rates. However, there are lots of pitfalls when it comes to E-mail marketing as you do not want to get into the world of spam. This lesson will show you where to find targeted email lists, how to send and track your email marketing campaign, and how to drive up your conversion rate.

Please find the lesson outline below:

  • Compiling Your Email List
    • In house email list creation
    • Purchasing targeted email lists
  • Emailing Sending
    • Open rates
    • Getting more conversions
    • Email tracking
    • "Remove me" list management
    • Email management software
    • In house or outsource
  • Landing Page Optimization
    • Tracking statistics
    • Best practices
    • Common mistakes
  • Following Strict Anti-Spam Laws
  • Permission based 1-to-1 marketing
    • Personalizing email
    • Response management
  • Repeat Orders
    • Soliciting repeat orders without being "pushy"
    • Incentives


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