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Were you looking for free link building methods? Well... Here are:

Free Link Building Methods That Work!

Well, they work to a certain degree. They work if you have targeted key phrases that are not too competitive. They do NOT work if you have a highly competitive keyword that everyone is trying to go for as well. Generally speaking, if your keyword has high competition and a high per-click rate on Google Adwords, chances are you will need much more link juice than any free link building method can provide.

Free Links - Method 1

Write quality articles that people would be interested in reading and submit them to article submission directories. Don't forget to sign the article with your name and website address.

Free Links - Method 2

Develop blogs and lenses and write quality content on them. Then submit them to blog directories. Don't forget to link to your site from the blogs and lenses.

Free Links - Method 3

Find relevant directories by searching for them in Google and submit your site to them. Most free submission directories will ask for a link back. Make sure you give them a link back from deep within your site. From the inside of an inside of an inside page. It is okay to place a link from your homepage to a directory if you are only submitting to a few, but if you are submitting to a couple of hundred directories, you do not want to get them all links back from your homepage.

Free Links - Method 4

Ask vendors your know and work with for links. Send them a kind email asking them for a link to your site for your continued business with them.

Free Links - Method 5

Interview people and place the entire interview on your site. Then email the interviewee and tell them the exact page their interview question and answer session is located on your site. Then ask the interviewee to link to that page so visitors of their site can find it. This method works only when you interview moderately known individuals with well established websites. Don't interview someone who spends all day giving interviews.

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