Internet Marketing Course

Across business colleges many students are requesting courses to be offered on the subject of Internet marketing. Universities are having a hard time getting experts to teach these Internet marketing courses as there are very few Internet marketing experts that are both academically and experience wise qualified to teach such an Internet marketing course.

While working on my MBA at Woodbury University, I was asked to give a presentation on search engine optimization by a professor who had a PhD in computer science. Out of a class of 14, myself included, when the professor polled the students at the end of the semester as to the one thing they learned in the class that they will use for years to come, 9 students stated my presentation was it. In fact, I was later asked by another professor if I was interested in teaching such a course. This was back in 2001.

I have worked on thousands of sites since then and I have amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject of Internet Marketing. I still take consulting cases from mid to large size companies where I am asked to consult on the company's Internet marketing efforts. However, since most businesses cannot afford my fees of $10,000 per day, I put together an online marketing course that covers all 10 methods of internet marketing. Here are some of the topics I will be discussing in the internet marketing course:

  1. Getting tons of traffic from the search engines using natural search engine optimization methodologies, including building links.
  2. Getting traffic from blogs and forums.
  3. Getting massive sales from affiliates.
  4. Finding and recruiting super affiliates.
  5. Permission email marketing.
  6. PPC methods and A/B testing methodologies.
  7. Landing page optimization.
  8. Creating websites that sell.
  9. Question and answer session at the end of the live internet marketing course.

You get 24 hours per day, 7 days a week online access to all 10 lessons including worksheets, course material, check lists and seo tools. This could be the best investment you ever make.


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