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Every website on the Internet is trying to achieve higher rankings. Those that are beginners at search engine optimization will be frantically changing their meta tags and alt tags in the hope of improving their rankings. Those that have tried their luck at meta tags and alt tags and failed to improve their rankings, will assume that "content is king" (you will read about this erroneous notion all over the Internet) and will write dozens and dozens of useless empty words on a page in the hope of getting higher rankings. Although for totally non-competitive keywords there may be a moderate amount of success for a site that has legitimate content on it, for any competitive keyword, you do not stand a chance if you do not have lots of links from established sites pointing to your site.

If you are like most people (and like most search engine engineers) you will read about getting links and SEO (search engine optimization) and try to deduce from the plethora of erroneous information bits and pieces of information that is actually correct. You will read all about Pagerank (developed by co-founder of Google Alan Page - yes he named it) and how it is today not an actual factor when it comes to natural rankings on the search engines. You will read about link exchanges, which for the most part no longer do what they once did. You will read about the newer "linkbait" or link bait techniques that people are implementing where they make insane statements and do crazy things so people will see them and link to them. A whole new cottage industry is developing around linkbaiting. However, you better have some insanely weird and different idea of doing something on your site or with your site that will get thousands upon thousands of people to link to your site. Chances are anything you can think of has already been done. And anything that has not been done could be so risky that your legal department might object. So is there a way of getting loads of links to your site and not have to rack your brain and try stuff that is probably not recommended by most professionals? The answer is a resounding YES!

I can get loads of links to point to your site and through my highest tier of service even guarantee top 5 rankings in Google with your most competitive keyword. Yes, it will take 3-4 months to archive the rankings, and you will need to have a site that has been up and running consistently for at least a year. There are a couple of other minor requirement for me to be able to take on a link building project, but feel free to let me know below if I can be of any assistance to you. Please note, I can only take on a few projects each month...


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