Lesson 9

News Media Marketing

Writing a good press release can get you all kinds of media coverage and links if it is written right and if you are using the right PR distribution services. This lesson will show you how to write optimized press releases and how to distribute them, not just using PR distribution services, but actually reaching out to editors and reviewers that can give you a huge boost of PR and loads of traffic.

Please find the lesson outline below:

  • Identifying Press Release Distribution Channels
    • Categorizing free Vs. paid channels
    • Tracking press releases
  • Writing Effective Press Releases
    • Press release formatting
    • Press release optimization
  • Newspapers
    • Targeting the right newspapers and right newspaper editors
    • Obtaining newspaper contact lists
  • Magazines
    • Targeting the right magazines
    • Obtaining magazine contact lists
    • Proper contact etiquette for best results
  • Getting Your Press Release On The "News" Section of Search Engines
    • Get listed on Google News
    • Getting listed on other major search engine news sections
  • Becoming A Guru
    • Learn what it takes to be contacted by news reporters for your opinion in your field
    • Learn what forums news media editors use to search for gurus and stories.


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