Lesson 6

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This lesson will show you how to take advantage of the key players when it comes to PPC marketing It will show you how to select key phrases and how to optimize sites so you are stretching your ROI as far as it can be stretched. This lesson will discuss A/B and multivariate ad and site testing and what tools work best for behavioral targeting.

Please find the lesson outline below:

  • The Major Players - Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Micrsoft Adcenter
    • Introduction
    • Best practices for each channel
  • Keyword Selection
    • Highly trafficked vs. long tail keywords
    • Cost per click analysis to ensure highest ROI
    • Negative keywords
  • Ad & Creative Development
    • Ads that pull
    • Banners that pull
    • Text links that pull
  • Ad Copy Testing
    • Statistics and conversion tracking
    • A/B & multivariate ad testing
  • Landing Page Optimization
    • Landing page "must have" features that make a site sell
    • A/B lading & multivariate testing
  • Ad Display "Time" Optimization
  • Search Engine Partners
  • Content partners
    • Partner tracking
    • Removing partners
    • Lookout for click fraud
  • Budgets
    • Ad budgeting
    • Overall budgeting for higher ROI
  • Conversion Tracking Tools & Statistics


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