PPC Consultant

A genius idea that was spawned in Pasadena California by has become a gigantic industry commonly referred to as PPC (pay-per-click). There are thousands of companies on the Internet set-up as "Google Adwords" professionals and "Yahoo Ambassadors" that will manage your PPC campaign for you. Most will take a monthly fee, where they devote a portion of your fee to your campaign, and the rest goes to them for managing your campaign. Some have set-up shop charging the old print ad rates of 15% on top of your monthly expenditures on the PPC ads. However, the search engines have come a long way since their meager beginnings. They can now control your budget, time your ad display, even recommend key phrases for you. So why do you still need a PPC consultant like myself to help in this regards? To get an edge on things everyone else is doing, that's why :-)

I can generate a list of key phrases every one of your competitors is using, and tell you where you have room to generate significant return on investment from key phrases and where you do not. I can show you how to dramatically reduce your PPC (pay-per-click fees) and write ads the convert visitors into buyers. I can set-up an entire A/B testing system that can not only test your different ads, but your different website landing pages as well.

When it comes to PPC consulting, I like to work with larger companies that are typically spending $80,000 per month and up on sponsored listings. Let me know below if I can be of any assistance.


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