Super Affiliates

Studies show the average affiliate will deliver little to no traffic to your site. However, a super affiliate is a whole other matter.

A super affiliate is an affiliate that can deliver loads of traffic to your site and only wants to be paid if you convert that visitor into a lead or sale. Lots of factors come into play when it comes to attracting super affiliates to your program. First question is how much do you pay? Second question is how well does your product perform in the market place? Third question is how long do your cookies stay active? Fourth question is do you have an 800 number in place that is going to "steal" is sale away from the support affiliate?

The above are just some of the factors when it comes to attracting super affiliates. In my online internet marketing course, I discuss all facets of the affiliates program, including where and how to land super affiliates on your team!

In addition, my firm and I can be hired to become your super affiliate!

Let me know what you can offer me on top of your normal affiliate commissions and what you are willing to invest in the set-up fees and I will let you know if I can take on your project. Please note, if I do not respond to your request, well it means I am not interested. Please do not take it personally, you probably have a great product, but I can only take a very small number of projects each year so I need to be quite selective. Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.


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